Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

We went home for the long weekend and stayed at my parents house. It was my 26th Birthday on Thanksgiving day! And can you believe that I, the novice, cooked the TURKEY! It acutally turned out good. You should have seen my mom and I in the kitchen taking the insides out. Have you ever seen a turkey neck? Yikes. It was odd staying at my parents house and sleeping in the same bed with Thomas. Kinda feel guilty, but it's ok! Too weird. It was great getting to see our families for a few days and eat lots of good food. I feel so honored to be blessed by God with such a wonderful family. Not only my own, but the Cranes. Renee can make anyone feel at home. :)

Friday, my mom took me shopping for my bday, then we met Thomas and his family at the movies to see "Walk the Line," the life story of Johnny Cash. It was a great movie, except for the fact they left out that it was his relationship with God that turned his life around, and not just his beloved June. Secular movies. O well. What a great opportunity that would have been to tell so many people about what brings TRUE happiness.

So, poor Lucy, my parent's Jack Russel. She hates bells. Mom got her a Santa outfit (ridiculous I know) and it has little gold boots with bells on them. The sound of the bells petrify her so, that she's motionless. If you know Jack Russels's you know that it's very rare for them to not be running and hopping around insanely. It was so hilarious! We got the outfit on and she just stood there, afraid to move for fear that the bells would ring. Isn't that weird?


PS. Thomas is still job hunting, so pray he finds a great job soon!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"'s married life?"

This is of course the most common question asked to newly weds, and there has been no exception for us. I usually respond with something like "its good, I like it." or "I recommend it." I think this answer generally disappoints people because they want more detail..So for the few who dared to come to this site and read about us here is some more detail.
Married life rocks, it is an absolute blast!! I put this picture with this little marriage endorsement because I think it sort of illustrates how I feel about marriage. Two people deeply in love sitting in a chair that is way to big for them. It can be overwhelming at times because you realize it really is just the two of us. "Sink or swim" so they say. I love getting to know my wife. I learn more about her everywhere I go, the grocery store, the bank, the bedroom, the kitchen, our parents house, other peoples weddings, you name the place and I am learning something there. Jeff Duncan told me something I found humorous at the time but it is certainly true "God will use your wife as one of His best tools to sanctify you." Sometimes it's not easy but it is always worth what you learn. Marriage gives you that chance (unlike anything else) to learn, to grow and to be a better man as well as a better follower of Christ.
That little marital description is us in the picture, I will write more about what the chair represents later. Cheers. TC

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Friends from RVA

This weekend was lots of fun...Friday night Thomas and I went to Columbia to watch Eli and Josh play their last rugby game for USC. It was funtimes watching them play, especially when Eli scored! Got to see Justin and Krista and their new little baby Josiah and got to hang out with Heike (Josh's sister) and Eli's wife Bethany. It was interesting to watch the game and see how different it is than Football. Man, those guys are tough! No padding and they slam each other around like it's nothing!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Mary and Jesse are getting married! July 3rd, 2005

Well, we've started this blog and basically have nothing on it...I'm bored at work and ready for the weekend! Yesterday I finally got my license with my married name! Woo Hoo!! Today at lunch Thomas and I went and set up our joint checking account. It's starting to feel like we're really married now, sharing a name and each others money. I'm glad to have it all taken care of. It's really fun being married and getting to spend so much time together. It's a lot different seeing as how we were long-distance the entire time we dated. I like waking up with him in the morning, but it makes it so much harder to get out of the bed for work. Especially when it's so COLD outside. I keep telling him I hope we get snowed in this Winter so we can sit by the fire and skip work together and watch movies! Also today we finally got the cable hooked up in the other bedroom, so we no longer have to fight over the tv when there's a game on. And the best part is...we have free HBO!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Me, Erika and Heather hanging out at Elevation!

Hey! We just set this up and we'll try and keep it updated so everyone can read about what we're doing and where we're going.