Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"'s married life?"

This is of course the most common question asked to newly weds, and there has been no exception for us. I usually respond with something like "its good, I like it." or "I recommend it." I think this answer generally disappoints people because they want more detail..So for the few who dared to come to this site and read about us here is some more detail.
Married life rocks, it is an absolute blast!! I put this picture with this little marriage endorsement because I think it sort of illustrates how I feel about marriage. Two people deeply in love sitting in a chair that is way to big for them. It can be overwhelming at times because you realize it really is just the two of us. "Sink or swim" so they say. I love getting to know my wife. I learn more about her everywhere I go, the grocery store, the bank, the bedroom, the kitchen, our parents house, other peoples weddings, you name the place and I am learning something there. Jeff Duncan told me something I found humorous at the time but it is certainly true "God will use your wife as one of His best tools to sanctify you." Sometimes it's not easy but it is always worth what you learn. Marriage gives you that chance (unlike anything else) to learn, to grow and to be a better man as well as a better follower of Christ.
That little marital description is us in the picture, I will write more about what the chair represents later. Cheers. TC

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