Wednesday, January 11, 2006

From Margaret!

(Thomas received this email from Margaret in Kenya. She lived with and worked for the Cranes for 11 years and is like a second mother to Thomas, Mary and Zeb. We tried to get her flown out for the wedding, but her visa never got approved. We were all very saddened and disappointed she couldn't be there to share in such a special occassion. So as you can imagine, it was great getting this email from her. I love how she words things.)

Praise GOD thankyou for giving your email how nice of you i was so happy guess what i just got the wedding pictures and they are wonderful. it was the best xmas gift i got this year. now i see what your dad meant when he said that you all tried to make it more african it was incredible. the suits, sandals and maasai belts were fun looking! Leslie looked really beautiful and everybody else. Ha HA so you dint have a best man and best maid? it looked like your dad stood for you that was great. Tom you know loved ones are like stars you dont always see them but you know they are there always that is what i feel about you all. i miss you too. may God bless you in everything you ought to do in life i know and have faith in that you will take good care of leslie please give her a huge hug and a kiss on her cheek for me tell her i do love her. remeber this........when God makes a person he puts some owesome stuffs inside but in your case he made the stuffs more owesome than usual God will be above you to bless- below you to support- before you to guide-behind you to protect-beside you comfort you and inside you to sustain you Psalms41:10.

OOOPSS!! i forgot to tell you about my girls, they are fine still with me . they are happy to see your pictures and still they have good memory of you

God bless ya
love always Margaret

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