Monday, March 06, 2006


It was a great weekend! Friday night Josh Skaggs came over to visit and we met Kara and her friend Erin at Red Sea for Ethiopian food. It was really good...too bad I didn't take a pic. I love food pics. O well. Natalie came with us too! Then we went to the SouthEnd gallery crawl for a bit. Kara and Erin left, then the four of us that were left, went to Outback for some beer and cheese fries. Josh hung out most of the day Saturday. It was sad to see him leave. We've both gotten to be pretty good friends with him over the past few months. And now he's going to be gone ALL SUMMER! No riding the boat at the lake or going camping at the beach. So sad!

Saturday night Brent came over and we all watched the Duke game and ate wings. So sad... Poor Thomas went straight to bed as soon as it was over.

Sunday was amazing. We had 155 people at church! Our highest number yet! Erika got baptized, it was very exciting. 7 people were baptized total. Brent went to church with us and then a big group of us went out to eat afterwards. It was fun getting to hang out with Josh Pope and Tim Owens from Cville. I think they'll be coming to Elevation pretty regularly. It was a fun but very busy weekend. I feel like I didn't get any rest! Blah for Mondays. :)

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