Thursday, April 06, 2006

50,000 Easter Eggs

So, our church is literally going to drop Easter eggs out of a helicopter. Crazy. There are going to be over 400 prizes, including a 26" LCD TV, 2 XBox 360s, and 10 ipod Nanos. Thomas and I were saying we wish we had a kid, just to get us an ipod. We're definitely recruiting if anyone wants to bring their kids to come to our aid. Just kidding. ;) It is going to be a really fun event.

We had 217 at church this Sunday!! We're so excited. What a great number already. Last week's sermon was "What if "it" hadn't happened" about bad things that have happened to us that we had no control over. It really touched my heart in a special way bc of what happened with my grandparents. God had a plan in that. He allowed it to happen. Just like God has a plan with David's cancer. I was emotional the whole service. Rom 8:28 was one of the verses used. It's hard to understand sometimes how God allows these things to happen...but it's all in His perfect will. Even if we don't understand it. He is in control. All things happen for the good, to those who are called according to his purpose.

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