Friday, May 26, 2006

Sheila is 50!!!!

Wednesday we had a small surprise party for Mom for her 50th Bday. It's actually not until next week, but she's going to be out of the country! What a sneak. Leaving for her big 5-0! She's usually so nosey we can't surprise her for anything, but we actually pulled this one off. Dad came over earlier and cooked steaks, then Thomas and I came after work. Mom was at church, so Brent got her over to the house by making something up. We had cheesecake for dessert. It was funtimes. You're half a centry old, lady!! ahahaha

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Weekend before last Erika and I grilled kabobs for everyone. It was lots of fun. We attempted to make a pesto marinade...needless to say, the chicken turned out to be quite neon green in color. Kinda scary. I did get to use our new food processor for the first time! Finally getting some use out of the many wedding gifts. It was a fun night with our friends, then we went and saw Mission Impossible 3. I'm going to miss all the great friends we're making at Elevation. Just when it starts getting good, we move away! O well, on to new adventures I guess.

Me and Erika

Erika and I went to the Apple Store last weekend and had fun with the isight connected to one of the computers. Then we emailed them to my computer at home so we'd have them all. It was lots of fun. :) If you want to see the others you can check them out on our Flickr photos. – Leslie

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Catching up...

Sorry I haven't written in SO long! I've been keeping up the Elevation Blog with updates on the church and have gotten behind. If you come here to read about the church, it's best to go to the Elevation Blog for more info on that. I guess we do write about it here some. Anyways! We've been pretty busy with Elevation and getting to know some new friends. This is a pic of our good friends, we're all out for Erika's Bday at Rock Bottom in Charlotte. A group of us went to Carowinds last weekend and even got season tickets. The Borg was so much fun, you lay down and it goes backwards! Weird. Elevation is growing fast, 284 last week, and we're moving to two services on Mother's Day. I think my mom might come, I'm excited for her to see that it's a really great church. We love it. Still planning on the move to Korea in August. I've been working on getting my portfolio together and am thinking about a website. Other than that it's life as normal. Thomas's dad is having surgery next week in NYC for prostate cancer. It's been a miracle how it's all worked out with getting in with this awesome doctor that does robotic surgery with the Davinci Robot. We all feel confident that the Lord is in control over this whole situation and that he's going to be fine and get better quickly. I'll write more soon!