Monday, August 28, 2006

This weekend

This weekend a couple of our new friends from school showed us around Seoul and Guri. We discovered how quite complex the subway system in Seoul really is. Luckily the stops are in also in English! Most of the signs here are in Korean, so finding restaurants where we live is difficult for the time being, until we learn how to read a little.

The area we went to on Saturday, Itaewon, was one of the ones more frequented by foreigners, so there were more Westernized restaurants and lots of other teachers like us, along with other tourists. It's also close to the army base so there were lots of soldiers too. We ate at a Chinese restaurant called Ho Lee Chow, haha. The food was good, kind of reminded me of PF Changs.

Downtown Guri

Sunday we went to the downtown area of Guri and got to see all the shops. There will be some great shopping there after we get paid! We also got to stock up on things for the apartment at a store that's a lot like Dollar General. Name brand Korean stuff, for cheap! It's interesting to see what Koreans snack on...dried squid and fish. So much for beef jerky right? You can get this stuff from vendors on the street and take it in to the movie theater for a snack. We also found the shopping mall in Guri, very nice with lots of stores we've heard of. We even had dinner at Popeye's Chicken! Needless to say, we aren't missing many of the comforts from home!

Fresh Seafood in the Guri Market

Today was our first day back at school and the weekend didn't seem long enough. We're told that the kids' parents are really interested about the English teachers at the school and a lot of them want to come in an meet the new teachers, us. I've had one visitor so far, but today, Thomas got called out of his class to meet about 5 mothers from his kindergarten class! They brought him a cake and everything. It's kind of funny to see the title on it because ALL of the students call us "Teacher! Teacher!" because it's hard to remember our names.

Thomas's Cake!

Thomas's K1 Class

These pics are of some of the students from my class. My class is a little different than Thomas's in that I serve mine lunch each day and eat with them. These are during lunchtime.

My K2 Class


Zeb said...

Ugh. it looks so great over there and it looks like yall are having so much fun. And i'm here in jackson *&*%$# %$#*@#. WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHBOOOHOOOHOooooo Oh god help me sniff sniff. But seriously it looks great. Hope all is well


Eleyse Griffin said...

Looks like you're getting along great. I'm not too sure about that bathroom though. What goes on with that shower?! I talked to Renee today. She sounded good & said she had talked to you guys. Hope you've had a good weekend. You are in our prayers.