Saturday, August 26, 2006

What a week!!

Thomas on Rodeo Drive

I don't even know where to begin really. Saying goodbye to people that last week in the States was a bit emotional but everyone held it together really well. Then on the 19th it was off to LA. We had a great anniversary in Los Angeles, I rented a car and we drove all over the city, Rodeo Dr., Hollywood, Sunset Blvd, Santa Monica, Pacific Coast Hwy, we went to Grace Community Church on Sunday and listened to John MacArthur (I loved it).

Grace Community Church

Monday brought a very long twelve and a half hour plane ride. Leslie and I didn't get to sit together because we bought our tickets so late. We each have our own stories about who we sat with and what we learned if you want to hear a pretty funny one write Leslie and ask her.

We finally arrived in Seoul Tuesday night very tired. Since our apartment wasn't ready yet, the school put us up at a Hotel the first two nights. Each night in Seoul we walked around, it was wonderful seeing the city for the first time. In the markets there were stands with crazy looking creatures in all sorts of different containers. What each little creature is only the Creator knows but the Koreans are certainly excited about eating them all (sometimes cooked, sometimes raw).

Wednesday we had orientation, the director of each department (kindergarten, Elementary) took a turn telling us what they expected and after a couple hours we were like college freshmen in syllabus shock.

Thursday was straight to the wolves for Leslie since the teacher she is replacing left on Wednesday. She did wonderful and the kids are already falling for her. Also, Thursday we were finally able to move into our apartment, check out the pics of the bathroom. The toilet, washing machine, shower head and sink are all in the same little room with no shower walls...interesting.

Friday we both taught kindergarten from 10am to 2:30pm (our classes are right beside each other) then we had 4 different elementary classes from 3-7pm. During our kindergarten time, we both had kids in our class with a birthday that week, so there was a big birthday party for them. Some parents came and there was cake and presents and lots of pictures. There was also chicken nuggets and pizza!

Birthday Party

Leslie's Kindergarten Class

Friday night the school had a welcome dinner for us where we were introduced to Korean BBQ, it was good, different but good. You BBQ thick pieces of bacon cooked over hot coals, along with some Korean side dishes.

Saturday two other teachers from the school took us out and taught us the transportation system. The subway here in Seoul is AWESOME, massive and complex; I can't wait to explore it, each stop is like its own little city. We were able to go to E-mart, sort of like a multi story Walmart, to get things for the apartment. We also went to the Korean market in Itaewon where we discovered a place for some great deals. Seven and Dolce&Gabanna jeans for only $20! I (Leslie) got a cute watch for $4 and Thomas got a Korea World Cup tshirt for $5. We'll definitely be back there soon.

Well, we are both very excited to be here and are pleased with our school. They are all really taking care of us and it seems we definitely made the right decision as far as the school. We'll try to keep you all up to date with what's going on and take more pics!

Leslie and Thomas

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