Monday, September 04, 2006

Week 2 in Korea!

Our School!

Last week flew by! We're finally beginning to get the swing of things at school...we'll have smooth days soon hopefully! We finally went grocery shopping last week and got some food for the apartment. We actually got frozen corn dogs and Heinzketchup! Thomas's friend Kristen who taught at the school we're at last year had a coffee maker, so we got it from the girl who took her apartment. So we got some coffee for the mornings!

At the school there is an above-ground swimming pool on the roof of the building, so once a week during the summer the kindergarten and preschool kids get to go swimming. And the teachers swim with them! Since Thomas and I have K1 and K2, we have swim time together. Here are some pics of our fun time.

Billy and Tony from Leslie's K2 Class

Leslie's K2 Class

GKI School's Pool

Thomas Playing with Kids at the Pool

Friday night we went out for some appetizers with our friend Shawn from school. He's sort of our boss, but he's our age. We get along with him well and like hanging out with him because we have similar personalities. We also hung out with Shawn on Sunday and went to an area of Seoul called Insadong. It's been designated a "Cultural City" because of the many shops carrying traditional Korean crafts, art museums and antiques. It's also an area with lots of foreigners so there were lots more signs in English along with more western style restaurants. We had a great time! It was also our first time doing the subway thing by ourselves so that was an adventure in itself. The Insadong station is the biggest and most complex one in Seoul because it's also a transfer station with 3 subway lines. We did it though! No problems! I can't wait to go back there, lots of great shopping! Hello Christmas presents and gifts to send home. :)


Thomas and Shawn

Leslie and Thomas in Insadong

There are lots more pictures in Insadong, just look in our Flickr Photos.

We also finally got our wardrobes or closets as they say here, so we're officially moved in all the way!! Woo Hoo! Here are some pics of our apt, but check out the Flickr set for all of them.

For those who are curious about our bathroom, there is a drain in the middle of the floor. Needless to say, when we shower...everything gets wet...the sink, the washer, the toilet, half the mirror. It's ok though, by the time we get home at night it's all dry! Oh, and the washer drains into the floor too.

We're still liking it here a lot and enjoying our weekends to explore this massive city. Thanks for your prayers and for keeping up with us while we're gone. We miss you and love you all so much and can tell by the smooth transition that we're being lifted up by some powerful prayer warriors. Tell Ms. Sexton we say hello!!



Eleyse Griffin said...

I will certainly tell Mrs. Sexton you say hello - she will be ecstatic!! Thanks for clearing up that shower deal. Sounds like the Lord has got everything under control as usual. I'm glad you're getting chance to explore the city as well. Looks like your "children" are excited about you as well!! Have a good week.

Leslie and Thomas Crane said...

Thank you! We're having a great week so far. It goes by fast!


NailPhelps said...

Good to here from you guys. I,m glad things are going well. Good luck to you both, and God Bless.
Neal Phelps