Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gathering Chesnuts

Our second field trip with our kindergarteners was to the mountains again so they could "gather chesnuts." It was pretty funny because the whole thing was staged! The school bought a whole bunch of chesnuts and had some men come spread them out in strategic locations and then we led them there to "gather." Haha. They had fun running around and seeing who could get the most in their bag. Then we had a nice lunch out at a creek. It was a nice break during the week.

This weekend we're going to the beach with adjacent mountains for some hiking. Should be beautiful with the colorful leaves and the ocean at the front door of our hotel. We're excited to get out of Seoul for the weekend and see a new area of Korea. We'll take lots of pictures! Please pray for safety as we travel 2 hours each way by bus. Also, please pray for our health as we're both battling colds! We think the clean air outside of Seoul will be good for us. We love you!

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