Saturday, October 14, 2006

Posting Comments

Just a little FYI to those of you who would like to leave comments but don't want to start a Blogger account. I changed the settings so anyone can leave a note without the hassle. Woo hoo! We'd love to hear from you guys! – Leslie


Jun said...

HA!! looks like you guys are doing good over there.. I sent you a email so check it when you get a chance...
so when are you guys coming back here?
this is me, missing you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Hello My Babies, I am at Mamare's house for a little visit. We are enjoying your blog-spot very much. We feel like we are a part of your life when we see the pictures and read about the places you are seeing and the things you are experienceing. Thank you for doing such a good job keeping us informed. We love you very much!

Anonymous said...

Leslie and Thomas, I enjoy seeing pictures of your children and all the wonderful places you are getting to visit. You are doing a wonderful job. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.