Monday, October 30, 2006

Snow White

Last week Thomas's class theme was Movies and Cartoons. So he decided to undertake filming a movie with his kindergarteners. The decided to do Snow White. He recorded it on our digital camera and I pieced it all together for him into one continuous movie. It turned out pretty well, see for yourself! It's really cute.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see things are going well. Tell Thomas I said hello.

Monika said...

That has to be the cutest thing i have ever seen! Great job director. There are some cute little kids in your class. I love Macs hair! The little dwarfs...hi ho hi ho..they are so funny!

I have really enjoyed following your journey and I appreciate your regular updates! They stories and pictures are amazing and inspiring!

And thanks for changing the blog set up...this way I can leave comments with out becoming a member!

Happy Halloween! And I cant wait to see what next week brings!

Peggy Devine said...

Thomas, You don't know me but I am good friends with your mom. I love Leslie and your blog! My daughter, Haley, is getting married in Dec. and moving to Pretoria, S. Africa where her husband is currently. Both are on staff with Campus Outreach with Haley currently at Va. Tech. Anyway, she read the newsletter from your dad and read that you have a contraption that allows you to view American TV from your home in Korea. She would like to have one. Can you tell me the name and brand that you have and would you change to something different if you could? In other words, are you happy with yours? And does the person in America have to be watching what you want to watch at the same time? I'm definitely lacking in the technology knowledge dept., so any help would be appreciated. Also, your mom was telling me about scype, which sounds great, too.
Any help would be appreciated. And I just love your mom! And now that I know about your blog, I'm going to be keeping up with what you and Leslie are doing.
In Christ,
Peggy Devine

Leslie and Thomas Crane said...


Thanks for your comment! Thomas and I appreciate your prayers and support while we're here in Korea. That's very exciting that your daughter is moving to S. Africa. Thomas and his family visited there once and thought it was absolutely beautiful.

About the tv thing. It's called a "Slingbox." It's the only thing of it's kind that we know of. Ours was purchased at Circuit City, but Best Buy sells them also. You can also order them online from The website for the product is

We are VERY happy with it! It's so amazing that we can watch tv from home. Thomas especially loves being able to watch the Panthers! We have it connected to a friend's cable back in Charlotte and she has digital cable with DVR. That means we can record shows and access everything that has been recorded. Then we get to watch the tv through our PC laptop through the Slingplayer software. The person watching on the computer does have to watch the same thing as the person in America. But, with the time difference, that usually isn't a problem. It was a little difficult to get it set up, but once we did it was smooth sailing. And their tech support was excellent.

Our phone on the computer is called Skype. You can talk computer to computer for FREE and your computer can call land lines for about 2 cents a minute. It's been great to have too, and so cheap!

Let me know if you have any other questions. You can just email me: (I do most of the technical work, so I'll be better to ask than Thomas ;)

Virginia and Melia said...

We really enjoyed your production of Snow White! Melia has watched several times. She used the picture of Thomas in front of the 40 ft. Buddha for show and tell last week. She attends a homeschool enrichment class and they had learned about buddhism and hinduism that week. She shared with her class that there are people who don't know Jesus who worship that statue and hope that it will save them. It was great! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us all. We love you!

Monika said...

You guys are keeping me waiting! I cant wait to see what you have been up to! Its time for some new stories and pics. Leslie, what did you say the name of your camera is? it take awesome photos. well, its the photographer too, but the colors and clarity are awesome! i think i might ask santa to bring me one. Well, impatiently waiting!