Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Halloween at GKI

Our school really went all out for the Kindergarten students this Halloween. The school was fully decorated with spiderwebs, witches and ghosts galore. All the kids dressed up on Tuesday along with the teachers...Thomas was a soccer player and I was an angel. Betcha didn't see that one comin. Ha. Traditionally, Koreans don't celebrate Halloween, but since we're an English language school, it's fun to celebrate the tradition. All day Tuesday was a big Halloween carnival where we took our classes from room to room and did something different. After lunch there was a "parade" around the park with the parents in tow taking tons of pictures and video. Then we came inside and had a fashion show. Awards were given for the best homemade costumes. There were some really nice ones too, we were surprised they put so much into it. You can tell Koreans really dote over their children, these kids are spoiled! They're SO cute though! It was a fun day. PS: Monika, this is for you! haha
Eddie, Tony and Eric

Leslie the Angel

Thomas, Catherine, Jack, Kim and Spidermen

Lindsey's Homemade Costume

Parent Paparazzi


Monika said...

I am on it! That looks like so much fun. Oh yes, Leslie...my lil angel!! so the little ones are spoiled? there is a difference between spoiled and brats. as long as they have manners. do their parents speak English? are the parents well off and well educated or are there some parents that work really hard to have money for their kids to go to this school?

now tell me about the names...who named these kids? the school, you guys, the parents? just curious... how many kids are in your school? is it K-5? i am full of questions. Very intrigued.

well, back to work!! thanks again for the updates!!

Leslie and Thomas Crane said...

You must be super bored at work today! So, it costs about $650 a month to come to the Kindergarten at GKI. From what we've been told, you pretty much have to be rich to come, but there could be some parents that try really hard to come up with the money. They do have good manners, if you don't count slurping their soup, which is not considered rude here, or talking with your mouth full!

About the names, some of them come in with English names if their parents speak any English. Some of them do, but most don't. I have an Elementary class every day at 2:30 and those are "Starter" kids. They're about 9 and don't know any English at all. I got to name all of them! That was pretty cool! It's usually best to give them names that are easy to spell and remember. The names I came up with were Noah, Tom, John, Eric, Patrick, Susan. But I have one kid in Kindergarten who's name is Been. That one's kind of different huh?

So more about the school. We have Kindergarten in the morning and there are 6 classes, I have the oldest at 7 years old Korean age (we'd say they're 6) then it goes down to Thomas with the 6 year olds, then 5 yr. old class and 4 year old class. Those are more like babysitting I think. I like that my kids are oldest. And they speak well already so it's easier.