Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hillsong United Concert

Well, we're still alive here in Korea! Sorry we haven't written in so long. The weather is getting colder here and we've both been battling colds for the past few weeks. This past Saturday we went to an amazing Christian concert with our co-workers Catherine and Miriam and some people from Miriam's church. It was an amazing time of worship! The concert was held at a church on the other side of Seoul from where we live, and it was HUGE! I think we were told it seated about 3,000 people, and it was packed. For those that don't know, Hillsong United is a praise band for a youth group in Australia. They write their own songs and are great performers so they've easily become popular around the world. You've probably heard their songs before and just didn't realize it. We had a great time and the people from Miriam's church are really nice.


Monika said...

Hey Guys!

Well you know I am on it! I wasn't going to harass you this time. Krispy, cant believe that line is that long. Did it just open? or is the line like that everyday?

that church is HUGE!! didn't realize that there were so many Christians there? this may be any ignorant questions but... Are they allowed to practice freedom of religion?

the kids are so cute. I know I have said that several times. and looks like Leslie likes kids? ahhhhh. I have never seen that before. anyway, I have a quote for you and Thomas, well for all teachers in general...
The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. - MARK VAN DOREN
these kids will never forget you guys!!
I hope you both get well soon!

Leslie and Thomas Crane said...

Hey Monika!! I wish you were here so bad. You'd love it. The kids are cute aren't they? You can say it again. I really love them :) can you believe it? I can't! Who knew?

About the freedom of religion thing. South Korea is about 25% Christian from what we've read and been told. The biggest church in the world is actually here in Seoul, although the church we were at is not it, so I can't imagine how big it really is. This is a democracy thanks to the Korean War and the help of the US, so Koreans can practice any religion they choose. The other major religions are Buddhism and Shamanism. Another note, South Korea is the second largest missionary sending nation, second only to the US. For such a small country...that's a lot of Christian missionaries around the world.

Monika said...

thanks so much for responding and answering my questions. i feel like i have gained a lot from your travels. i really appreciate it!

do you guys have plans for thanksgiving? (you know with you and thomas and other fellow americans?)

another off the wall question, our entire lives we have lived in the "majority group", how does it feel to have the roles reversed and actually being in the "minority group"? is there any difference? are the koreans accecpting of you guys?