Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

Koreans have their harvest holiday, Chusok, in October. So needless to say, they don't observe the American Thanksgiving holiday. Thank the Lord there are lots of foreigners here what with teaching and the whole military presence. Saturday night Thomas, Catherine, Shawn and I had a delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner at a restaurant in Itaewon called Suji's. Along with the turkey we had dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed veggies and cranberry sauce. It was SO good. We were totally stuffed afterwards, but still had room for pumpkin pie and warm apple crumble. Yum!

My Birthday Flowers and Cake From GKI

I Got My Nose Pierced!

Friday was also my 27th birthday! Woo Hoo! Cough, cough...OMG I'm almost 30!? What!? All the teachers went to Outback Friday night for dinner. We got steaks, cheese fries and even a Chocolate Thunder. Saturday night after dinner Catherine, Shawn, Thomas and I went and I got my nose pierced at Body Enjoy at the Ewha University Station stop. It didn't hurt too badly! After that we went out dancing at a hip hop club in Hongdae. We had lots of fun! It was a great weekend.

We missed you all for Thanksgiving! It's definitely not the same to be away from your family and your home country for your own holidays. Thanks for all your prayers and support over the past 4 months. :)

Christmas is Coming Soon!

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Monika said...

Happy Birthday Lady!!
It looks so good on you!
You should had done that long ago!!
It suits you! Anyway....later