Saturday, January 20, 2007


Well, we haven't written in a while so I thought I'd just say hello and we're doing well. Not much has happened since we've been back. Same old thing I guess. We are starting to gear up for the Kindergarten graduation at the end of February. We have to each do a 20 minute performance with our kids. Complete with dialogue and singing! Our proposals are due this coming Monday and we're still trying to figure out what we want to do. Yikes! Thanks for all the cards and packages for Christmas, we loved everything. Thanks for the North Carolina goodies Melia!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


We had an amazing time in Thailand! We spent the first 3 days in Bangkok on the infamous Khao San Road. Our hotel was pretty nice, we had a fan so it was cool in the room and we had our own bathroom with a shower. These were our priorities when choosing a place to stay so we were happy. Khao San Road was like a big party with tons of food vendors, restaurants, and things being sold on the street. There were lots of counterfeit designer jeans: Rock n Republic, Seven, Diesel, Levis. Lots of clothes, purses, and every trinket you can think of. You could get tattoos, dreads in your hair, cornrows, piercings...The atmosphere was very welcoming. There were lots of people our age in the midst of traveling all over the world. Kind of makes you want to shed off any preconceptions of what life should be (ie. house, steady job, mortgage, kids) and spend your life as a vagabond, seeing the world and meeting people. Don't worry...we still have goals!

We enjoyed lots of delicious Thai food while we were there. Every meal consisted of some variation of Pad Thai, Curry with coconut sauce, and fried rice. We did have Indian food one night and that was great too. It was all such a change from the bland or just spicy Korean food we have on a daily basis at school.

The first day we went to the Grand Palace and The Temple of the Emerald Buddha where we took lots of pictures. It was interesting to see just how inundated with Buddhist paraphernalia Thailand was. Korea is more of a Christian nation - there are churches on almost every corner it seems. Every business we saw had a small shrine outside it that looked like a miniature temple with figurines in it along with garlands of flowers and even tiny glasses of drinks and plates of food! Interesting. We didn't really understand the whole concept seeing has how Buddhism is more about not believing in a "god" per se, and yet they had all these shrines.

The next day we visited a forensic science museum in a hospital. Our friend Catherine studied anthropology in school and specialized in forensics and bones so she really wanted to check it out. When we finally found it there was a small exhibit on the tsunami that occurred 2 years ago which was interesting. The forensic section of the museum had entire bodies as well as many parts perserved. There were pictures of victims from tragic events like shootings, stabbings, and car and train wrecks. Needless to say we were a bit queasy by the time we left.

The next day it was off to the beach! First we had a 4 hour bus ride! Yikes. Then we took a ferry for 30 minutes across the ocean. It was quite the journey. We didn't have our hotel booked so we had to walk around for a little while to find a place to stay since it's high season. The beach on Ko Samet island is totally unforgettable. The sand was incredibly white, the beach was clean and the water was really clear. We spent the next two days relaxing on the beach and eating good food. One resort had a fire show every night which we got some good pics and video of.

Sunday it was back to Khao San road to pick up the rest of our things from the hotel and for our friend Catherine to get a tattoo! She got it done in Thailand because it's one of the best places in the world to get a tattoo from what we've read.

We got back to Korea at 7am on the 31st to a frigid apartment and went on to sleep fully clothed in double layers, hats and gloves. We're really missing that 90 degree weather now!

It was a great trip overall and Thomas and I look forward to going back to Thailand again before we come back to the States.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Khao San Road

This is a video I found on YouTube of the famous "Backpacker Road" we stayed on during our stay in Bangkok. This is just what a typical walk down the street looks like and some of the types of people, places and food you'd see.