Thursday, February 08, 2007

Top Ten Things I Miss About Home...

1. Family and Friends
Goes without saying! Please pray for my Mom as she's going through the busy tax season yet again!

2. An Oven
You never realize how much you miss an oven until you don't have one! I miss great homemade cookies and cake. I've been craving cupcakes for the past month and I just want someone else to know it!

3. A Bathtub
Again, you forget how nice it is to have one when you don't.

4. Dill Pickles

There's an abundance of sweet pickles here in Korea, but not dill! We did finally get the gigantic jar of dill ones at Costco last week. Yum!

5. Hot Hot Showers
Ours is just lukewarm. :) You need a HOT shower in the Winter now. Come on people.

6. A Dryer
We have these nice drying racks that we have to set up in our kitchen. They fold out on the sides and can hold quite a lot, but it would be nice not to have stiff clothes and towels.

7. SunDrop!!

8. Salt and Vinegar Chips
And just good snack chips in general. Yes there are shrimp, seaweed and fish flavored chips here. Dried squid and octopus is also a popular snack. Blech.

9. Shake Shop Cheeseburgers

10. Not taking a shower 2 inches from my sink and my washing machine.

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monika said...

I love the top ten!!! (letterman) i am glad to hear from you! i knew sundrop had to be on the list somewhere. although i was suprised that the cheerwine was left of and the rolos and carmello. anyway.... squid chips uh? you did refer back to your quicky pockect sized eatable food reference card? haha. i think i would like to try those. well, i guess you are half way done? when do you get back? middle of august? cant wait to see you. we should make another beach trip. anyway, just wanted to say hi and i hope all is well. any big trips planned? did you guys watch the duke carolina game? just wondering.... anyway, later. tell thomas i said hi!