Saturday, March 03, 2007


In Korea the public school year ends in February and resumes in march. So, last month was our kindergarten graduation. After a rushed month of planning and practice, K1 and K2 performed Wizard of Oz and Snow White for a sold out crowd of paparazzi parents. It feels good to be finished with the added pressure that graduation brought, but sad to say goodbye to our K classes. We had both grown quite attached to the monsters.

This coming week Leslie will get all new K2 students. Thomas is going to be moving to a new class where he will teach kids who in Korean age are 6, but in America we'd say they're 5. (Koreans seem to think you are 1 year old when you are born.) Prayer for Thomas and his new students would be extra appreciated as this presents a much harder challenge than the K1 class. We also have new elementary classes. We are excited about teaching different levels and getting to know new students.

Outside the classroom, life is improving. Due to consistent prayer on the part of Thomas, God has in His good grace allowed the weather to warm up a bit. We are now seeing temps in the low 50s and it feels like summer in contrast to the arctic chill that was December and January.

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