Sunday, March 04, 2007

Starter Class

This is my Starter class from Elementary. I'm happy to say that they're all moving up to Level 1! Wahooo! Can you believe all these kids but 3 came into class knowing no English at all? I taught these boogers to read! Too crazy. Thomas will have a few of them this semester. Oh yeah, I got to name most of them too. The boys (from left to right): Noah, John, Tom (named after Thomas), and Mike. Girls: Anabel, Michell, Sue and Susan

Sorry we haven't been updating as frequently. The past few weeks were crazy with graduation and such.

Today we visited Jubilee Church which meets at a coffee shop in Gangnam. We met up with two other married couples that work for GKI Seoul campus. The music was awesome. It was a fully English service with mostly Korean nationals but a lot of foreigners too. The pastor's sermon was only ok, but the opportunity to worship with a body of believers was great and much needed. After the service we went for burritos at Dos Tacos with our new friends. It was a fun but rainy day!

Big day tomorrow with the new kindergarteners, we'll let you know how it goes. Keep us in your prayers!

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