Monday, April 30, 2007

Fun Weekend

This is video from a salt water aquarium in a fish store in Dongdaemun. Catherine and I headed out there Saturday morning to the Stationery area to buy gifts for our kids. It was such a beautiful day we wandered around and came across the Pet area. We saw everything from these interesting creatures above, to baby sharks, tropical fish, then on to baby ducks, chickens in every stage, from chick to full grown chickens and roosters, tiny nude frogs, tiny turtles, walking sticks, water beetles, deer horn beetles, hermit crabs, hedgehogs...and the list goes on. It was pretty entertaining to say the least. It was a pleasant surprise to run across. Later that day we met up with Thomas in Itaewon and had cheeseburgers at Smokey Saloon. Mmmm.

Sunday I had my Mark Bible study with my new friend Jamie. We met in Olympic Park which was gorgeous! Azaleas blooming everywhere along with many other flowers. There was a pretty lake with a water fountain, lots of trees and a nice walking path with benches. I can't wait to go back for picnic. I just wish it was closer. After that we met up with Jamie's husband Josh, Thomas and Catherine. Our plan was to see a baseball game, but we got the time wrong, so that didn't happen. Instead we found a go kart track and rode go karts! Who knew. Then we went to COEX mall and saw the new Mark Wahlberg movie, Double Target, or Shooter as it was called here in Korea. Not sure what the real title is. It was a total guy shoot-em-up movie. Pretty good and entertaining. My dad would love it.

Our moms are coming along with Thomas's grandpa Morris Adams on May 24. Please pray for us and them during that time. We're very excited and are really looking forward to it. Praise to God that they're going to be able to stay in a guest apartment for their entire stay. Truly a blessing from God!

I don't know if anyone's reading this, but we miss everyone back at home and would love to hear from you via comments or emails. I don't know about Thomas, but I really get lonely for home. :) Only 6 more months!



Monika said...

hey leslie!!!
i am reading and i miss you too!! i was the only one you were talking to. haha. i like your video. the selected the PERFECT song for the video.
it looks like you guys are having so much fun. i know you are excited to have your mom visit. that will be
really nice. and i am glad to see that is has warmed up for you. anyway, just wanted to say hi. and i was thinking about you... hope to hear from you...this time FOR REAL. tell thomas i said hi!
talk to you later!

Sheila said...


We are leaving here on the 22nd and will get there on the 23rd!! Don't be a day late for us.

Love you