Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hi Seoul Festival

This weekend was the Hi Seoul Festival all around the city. On Saturday we went to an Arts market around one of the palaces. Then we discovered a sculpture exhibit called Art Safari that was pretty cool. We also went in to the palace and walked around.

Deoksugung Palace


After the palace we walked to Insadong on the road above the riverwalk. Below is a picture taken in Insadong, a cultural area in Jongno of Seoul.

This is what happens when a city of 9 million has ONE public trash can

Thomas and Josh / Jamie and Leslie

Sunday we met up with Josh and Jamie and got to ride a hot air balloon! We got ushered to the front of the line like celebrities and it was free! It was pretty exciting, even though it only lasted about 5 minutes.

Us in the Balloon!

This week has flown by. We've joined the gym and are trying to get in shape for the summer. This weekend we're going to Incheon on the coast. Maybe we can get a tan!

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