Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Family Visit!

Morris, Renee and Sheila getting ready to eat Tak Galbi for the first time

On May 23 our moms and Thomas's grandpa Morris arrived in Korea! We'd been anticipating their arrival for months and were happy the day had finally come. The first night was spent in Incheon where the airport is. We stayed in a nice hotel and even had a real breakfast the next morning. Breakfast is a rare find in Korea so we fully enjoyed it!

Our moms and Morris were able to stay in the IMB Baptist Guest House in Sinchon. It was about an hour from where Thomas and I live, but the low price made it well worth the distance. It was like an apartment with two bedrooms, a kitchen and a common area with couches, a tv and a computer with internet access. It was also very Western in style so our family was quite comfortable.

They were even able to take advantage of the oven! Renee baked us cupcakes and cookies! It's been hard here not having an oven, so that was a welcome treat that we shared with our kindergarteners and the other teachers at our school. Thank you Renee!!

Me and mom with a guard at Gyeongbokgung Palace

Below are just a few of the photos we took over the past two weeks along with some explanations. We had lots of fun exploring Seoul and visiting with our moms. It was sad to see them go. You forget how much you miss someone until you get to see them again for only a short time and then they're gone again. I love you Mama!

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Eating Korea's famous pork bbq

On Sunday we went to Yeouido Full Gospel church which boasts to be the largest church in the world as far as membership with 800,000 members. We sat in the international section and were able to listen to the sermon on headphones that had about 6 languages including English. We attended the 11am service and it was packed!

Dinner at Sala Thai in Jamsil

Last Saturday we did the USO (US army) DMZ tour. It was awesome. We went to Camp Bonaface which is right at the border of North and South Korea. We saw a great presentation and video about the Korean War and the ongoing conflict between the two countries. We went into a United Nations building that is literally on the border of N. and S. Korea. So we were actually able to stand in North Korea. Outside the building we could see N. Korean soldiers and were told that with every tour they photograph people on tour and look at you with binoculars. I actually got a pretty good picture of an officer observing us. Pretty cool.

Army officers at the DMZ Tour

South Korean Rock Soldier

North Korean Soldier

Renee and Morris with North Korea in the background

On their last day we went to the Korean Folk Village in Suwon. We got to see lots of traditional Korean houses ranging from peasant, to commoner, to middle class and wealthy families.

Me and Mom with kimchi pots

We got "Crane" written in Korean Script

It's hard to believe we've been here 9 months! It's gone by really fast. We only have 4 months left here. Our plan is to leave at the end of October and travel a bit on the way home. We may go to the beach in Goa, India and then to London. Thomas hopes to see and Arsenal soccer game if it works out. Then we'll fly home from London in time for Thanksgiving. It won't be long! Thanks for all your prayers during our time here. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon. ~ Leslie and Thomas


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Sheila said...


That was a great summary of our trip. I enjoyed it. I love you.


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Your Website is great. Hope all will go well with your Medical condition.

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