Sunday, October 21, 2007

God's Agenda

This past week was a big one for my (Thomas') old man. Dad was given the chance to go back to his Seminary alma mater and speak in chapel. It's no small thing to be asked to speak to such a group and I know Dad was excited if not also a little nervous. I am proud to say that he represented himself and our Lord in quite a fine fashion. I have listened to the message twice myself and it was even better the second time. It is no wonder with a Dad like mine that God reached into my life a few years ago and began leading me to Southeastern myself. I challenge you to take 30 minutes and listen, you might be surprised how God uses this bald, old, gospel warrior to spark a passion for the nations in your own life. Click HERE for a link to the school's page so you can listen, scroll down to October 18.

Friday, October 12, 2007

What a great week!

We’ve had an exciting week. Tuesday was Thomas’s birthday so we went our with our co-workers to Dos Tacos in Gangnam. It was delicious as usual. Then on Thursday we went out again with everyone for Thai food at a new restaurant at the Konkuk University stop. We had delicious red and yellow coconut curries, fried rice and chicken pad thai. Yum! Then they.... amazing friends as they are...surprised us with a going away present of a Nintendo DS! We were shocked! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We’ll miss you guys. It’s been such a blessing to work with everyone at GKI. It’s been an amazing year of many adventures and travels. None of which we’ll soon forget! I can’t believe we leave Korea in 3 weeks!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


We just had Chusok, Korea's Thanksgiving holiday once again. GKI had a fun day where we played traditional Korean games with the kids and they dressed up in their hanbok. We were also blessed with a few days off work so we were able to take the KTX bullet train to Busan for a long weekend. We stayed in an awesome hotel that had a huge projector screen tv that came down from the ceiling, a huge jacuzzi tub, a shower complete with steam room, computer with internet access and a Playstation. The beach was very pretty although the weather wasn't. We were able to do a little walking around the cove and even got to see a small lighthouse. It was a nice break from the city!