Sunday, October 21, 2007

God's Agenda

This past week was a big one for my (Thomas') old man. Dad was given the chance to go back to his Seminary alma mater and speak in chapel. It's no small thing to be asked to speak to such a group and I know Dad was excited if not also a little nervous. I am proud to say that he represented himself and our Lord in quite a fine fashion. I have listened to the message twice myself and it was even better the second time. It is no wonder with a Dad like mine that God reached into my life a few years ago and began leading me to Southeastern myself. I challenge you to take 30 minutes and listen, you might be surprised how God uses this bald, old, gospel warrior to spark a passion for the nations in your own life. Click HERE for a link to the school's page so you can listen, scroll down to October 18.


R+G Stewart said...

hi thomas,
I wanted to listen to your dad's talk, but could not make it work. Is there an issue with the site?

Hope you guys are doing well! Will we ever see eachother again? It has been so long. Have fun on your travels back home. Stay in touch--Luv Rachel and Grant

Leslie and Thomas Crane said...

It works on mine (but its a PC, Macs might be different). Here's what you can do, go to

scroll down to October 18, the title is God's Agenda. Then click on the listen now button on the right hand side. If you still can't get it to work then it is on Itunes under Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Chapel Podcast. Thanks for taking the time.
To answer your other question...yes, I do believe that we will see each other again. The more you travel the more you realize that the earth is a small place and in this day n' age of transportation if you really want to see someone, no matter where they are, it is totally possible.