Thursday, November 22, 2007


Before we get rolling on telling all the awesome things we've been up to for the last three weeks of travel, I would just like to do a quick summary of teaching in Korea.

We started a year contract at Global Kids International (GKI) on August 23rd 2006 and finished October 31st 2007. The fourteen months spent in Korea working at GKI were such an excellent experience for Leslie and myself. Our decision to go was based on a lot of thought and prayer and without a doubt - God was faithful. We had certain financial goals that we wanted to meet while in Korea such as paying off my student loans from undergrad at CIU; we quite easily accomplished that within six months. The other goal was to get a little practice living overseas and living in a different culture far from North Carolina. I can honestly say that we prevailed quite well. Certainly our small, moldy apartment was conducive to arguments and frustrations but we managed and I think we have come away a stronger couple who are now more equipped for the calling that God has laid on both of our hearts to serve Him wherever He chooses to call us.

Secondly we really enjoyed our time with our students and coworkers. In our first six months God blessed us both with fantastic kindergarten classes, where we fell in love with our students and throughly enjoyed being in the classroom with them and getting to know them. The last eight months, at least for me, were more of a challenge as I moved to teach a young class of five year olds. I managed though and I am fairly confident that they all learned a little and at least a couple of them had a really good time in the process (I'm sorry but all teachers have some kids they just like better than others). We both made some relationships with kids that we will remember and cherish for a very long time. Our elementary classes were always sort of the same each and everyday but it was really up to us as to how good a time we had. If we showed up creative and innovative then the day was good, if we showed up to get it over with then well...

The coworkers we had at GKI really helped make our experience a memorable one. There were three Canadians (Jack, Miriam and Catherine), one international (Kimberly) and our two Korean helpers Mary and Hera. When we first arrived they were all super helpful with our transition and throughout the year they turned into friends who we will keep in contact with for a very long time.

Overall I would highly recommend going and if you have any questions about it please feel free to ask either of us.

Coming up next are posts on Thailand, Athens and Amsterdam so stay tuned.

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