Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Great Answer

I should be doing school work right now but somehow my mind has justified that this type of activity is productive procrastination (if there is such a thing).

I appreciate the diversity of people in America. I just spent 14 months in South Korea, I loved my time there and made great friends in the process. But the fact that it is very mono-cultural and mono-ethnic (a word not in the dictionary, I just made it up, definition should be self explanatory) was sort of uncomfortable for me. In college I majored in Intercultural Studies, that plus my background should show why I am such a fan of diversity. All this to say: I am proud the U.S. has such a diverse group of people running for president. Hillary Clinton a woman, granted I would rather run up hill in the snow, naked, through briars, while listening to country western music than vote for her, but that's only because it's her, not because she is a woman. John McCain a POW veteran who has served his country for nearly his entire adult life. Barak Obama a young, racially mixed American who represents how far people in this country have come in the struggle for equality. Plus he is half Kenyan...if only he was pro-life! Finally we come to my favorite, Mike Huckabee, an ordained baptist minister who attended seminary at Southwestern. What's not to like about this guy? The previous post shows he has a great sense of humor. Anyway. Way to go America! I appreciate the diversity.

Some may have seen this already but for those who haven't listen to the fantastic answer given in defense of a Creator God. This is exactly what 1 Peter 3:15 asks of believers.

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