Thursday, April 10, 2008

Friends in Sudan

One of my favorite things to do is read blogs. I have some great friends who are excellent writers, living exciting lives and I have a good time reading about what they are up to. Plus it's way more fun than the required reading one gets in Seminary. There are of course lots of interesting people out there writing God glorifying pros, but one of my favorite families to follow is Eli and Bethany Fader.
These crazy kids are literally living and serving at the ends of the earth. They are in Yabus, Southern Sudan and for quite sometime now they have managed to not only survive but carry out a very productive ministry. Just reading some of their posts and seeing their pictures will help you realize how special a couple like this is. It's like God specifically made them for this exact purpose. Many people with great hearts and intentions have tried unsuccessfully to cut it in this hard, hot land. The Faders are truly a gifted, humble, passionate, God appointed family. I encourage you to read their blog with me and allow God to bless you through them just as He is blessing the people of Yabus.

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