Sunday, June 22, 2008

Inside Our House

I'm a bad blogger! Thomas has been picking up the slack though, so we're good. It's been almost a month and we're slowly getting unpacked here. It's surreal thinking that we actually own this house! And to think we're actually going to be here for more than a year. I think my dad can rejoice with me in saying Hallelujah! No more moving! For a while... Hope you enjoy the pics. There are more on Flickr. We welcome our friends and family to come visit us any time. :)

Carpet in Living Room, Pre-Laminate Flooring

Living Room Couch and African Masks

Living Room


Dining Area


Office Desk and New Shelves

Chair and Poster in Office

Our Bedroom

Me in the huge chair! Bye!


Douglas Baker said...

Love the picture of Thomas on the couch. There's a message there - not sure what it is at the moment!

What a beautiful home! I know it is a blessing for you both.

Thomas - since you are learning statistics this week - what are the odds you will be on that couch fairly frequently? More or less? An arithmetic mean for that one?

R+G Stewart said...

New house! I am so glad you guys are settled and happy in NC. Leslie, loving your new craft area, what's your first project? all the best-rs/gs