Monday, July 28, 2008

Don't Waste Your Life

If you have been following mine and Leslie's story over the last several years you know that we are big John Piper fans. This video is only a few minutes long but it is fantastic. Every time I listen to Piper I am convicted.
Hopefully this won't come across pharisaical but I just want to share a little of my prayer for Leslie and I as this video was playing, if He leads you pray it with us:
"God, please protect us from the desire to chase the American dream but rather enable us to live the kind of life that exemplifies Your love for the nations. May our time, money and efforts serve as a sign to point people down the road towards Calvary. You are worthy of nothing less."


Mark said...


Kara said...

very is so easy to go after the wrong things, even if they are for "good" reasons. I think it is hard to keep Jesus the One and Only there, there are just so many things that can seem fulfilling and "make us happy". For me it was really easy to rely more on good friends/ relationships, and a life full of activities than having a quiet spirit chasing after Him. Only. Not that being here means I am right there 'with' Him all day, but I definitely flounder a LOT kidding myself here.

So...was my email rebuttal too much? All in good fun, Thomas.