Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Richmond, VA. Road Trip

My boss, Doug Baker and I just returned from a roadtrip to Richmond where we had a great time recording a podcast, meeting IMB personel and touring the facilities.
Monday night Doug lead me on an abbreviated tour of Monument Ave. We walked around the Capitol Building, saw the Governors Mansion and admired large monuments dedicated to the countries founding fathers.
Tuesday we went to International Learning Center to record an Insight Podcast with IMB, V.P. Tom Eliff (former President of the SBC), Jim Riddell, Leader of the Consulting Team and John a R.L. for the North Africa Middle East region of the world. Doug asked some good questions, their responses and the interaction between them was fantastic. Everyone who listens will be blessed and a little more educated to hear what they had to say. I will post a link to the podcast when it is launched.
The rest of the day was full of tours. We were blessed to see the International Learning Center campus (which is much larger now than it was in 1992 when I last stayed there). We were also privilaged to tour the offices of the IMB headquarters in downtown Richmond. I especially enjoyed this tour as I had never seen these offices but often heard of the work being done there. One room housed a beautiful tribute to Miss Lottie Moon a wonderful servant of God and a hero of the faith. I would encourage you to click on her name and read some of the letters she wrote to the American church while she was serving in China. The tour ended with an invite into President Jerry Rankin's office where we were able to visit with him for a few minutes. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the heart that Dr. Rankin has for unreached people groups.
It was a great start to the week, a memorable trip and I am very grateful to Doug for giving me the opportunity to travel along.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas and Leslie,
You are a good looking couple! You must have wonderful parents. Good job on the write up about the Richmond trip. Your parents must have done a great job reading to you when you were a child for you to have such a great writing talent now that you're an adult. Keep it up.

mom and dad