Monday, September 08, 2008

Are Christians Really Generous?

I straight up ripped this off of my pastor's blog. I thought it was good and as one who plans to serve Christ at the ends of the earth, I am comforted to know that there are so many who give so generously. My only hope is that we do not just give as philanthropists but rather as missional senders who whole heartedly desire to see Jesus made famous among those who have never heard.

I hope this wont' be taken the wrong way, but I found this piece from Douglas Wilson to be both encouraging and convicting:
“Americans are about six percent of the world’s population and we account for about forty-five percent of the world’s philanthropy. Among Americans, believers are far more generous than secularists. Among believers, Protestants are more liberal in their giving than Catholics. Among Protestants, evangelicals are more generous than mainliners. But if you were to ask a secular arbiter of all that is philanthropic for his opinion on how we were doing, he would invert the whole thing. That much said, when the standard is God’s generosity to us, most of us are not nearly as generous to others as we ought to be. We should pray for grace to overflow more liberally still. But we may be pardoned if the evangelical artesian well, producing 20 gallons a minute, while wishing it could be 40, doesn’t want to hear lectures on charity from the dry hole of secular leftism.”
Those who know the God of grace can't help but be generous themselves. Our generosity will be in proportion to our knowledge of God.

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