Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dr. Akin Unplugged

This semester has been fantastic in terms of chapel messages here at SEBTS. Message after message, speaker after speaker, God is on the move here at Southeastern. This is a Great Commission seminary and the leadership here is working to extend that passion for the nations to the rest of the denomination. I consider myself blessed to be here especially during this particular time.

The leader behind the Great Commission Resurgence, starting at SEBTS and spreading throughout the Southern Baptist Convention, is our President, Danny Akin. On Wednesday (Sept. 17th) Dr. Akin hosted the Presidential Forum where he answered questions which students submitted online. I have listened to a few of these from past semesters and they are generally pretty good but on this particular day Akin was especially on form. About 10 or 15 minutes into the Forum he begins to address the questions submitted in regards to Sarah Palin and some of his other thoughts on this particular election. It is fantastic insight and I appreciate how open and candid he was. Not long after that portion of the Forum, Akin erupts into a passionate plea for more overseas workers. He gets so riled up at one point he almost cussed. I was having such a good time I couldn't help but clap. I felt like a bobble head doll in a talk back church (you know the kind where the congregation talks back to the preacher via, "Amen!!" or "Preach it brother"). Anyway. I HIGHLY recommend the whole Forum especially the political and missional section. You can find it here (scroll down to to Sept 17th). Or search Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary on Itunes and sign up for the free podcast of Chapel messages.

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