Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hello From Leslie!

Are any of my fans still out there? As you have noticed, Thomas has taken over the blog with his Theological insights. What he's learning in school...his thoughts on the current state of our political system. I've heard that there are some people who would like to see some pretty pictures to break things up so I thought I'd update you on our life in general.

Thomas' classes have started back of course and it's still business as usual for me at the Convention. I'm starting to learn all the structure and hierarchy between all the groups and teams. My projects have included 2 brochures for the Hispanic youth ministry, a set of brochures for next year's Bible Drill, a brochure for an African American Conference, a campaign for the North Carolina Mission Offering that I assisted my co-worker Kathryn with which included a folder, brochure, kids materials, bulletin insert, prayer guide, dvd and poster. The past month I've been working on the 2007 Annual Report and a redesign of the website. We are SO busy there. I've probably worked on more projects in the past six months than I did in 3 years at Brinkley Design. It's lots of fun though, I'm loving it and feel totally confirmed that this is where God wants me to be. We joined Summit Church in Durham and have joined a small group here in Wake Forest and are making friends.

My amazing roadtrip buddy/college roommate Monika got married Labor Day weekend at the Millennium Center in Winston Salem. Shelley and I were bridesmaids and helped throw her bachelorette party and lingerie shower the weekend before. The wedding was beautiful and I was happy to be there and support Monika on her special day. She was a beautiful bride.

Me and Shelley for Monika's Wedding

After the wedding we went to Cherryville for the rest of the long weekend to visit family. We saw Mamere and Jack, Kim and Stephen, my grandparents and of course my parents. Monday my mom and I went shopping while the men of the house went dove hunting. This picture is of Thomas and Brent skeet shooting for practice before they went out. Who would have though Thomas could look so much like a native! haha

Thomas and Brent Ready for Dove Hunting

This past weekend my friend Natalie from Charlotte came to visit! We had so much fun just hanging out and catching up. She got to see our house for the first time and we went shopping and to the movies. Sunday, Brent and Amber met us for church at Summit. It was a great sermon from J.D. on the reason people give for not being Christians that "Christianity is too restrictive." Then we all went to lunch and watched the Panthers play and win! It was a great weekend. :)
Me and Natalie This Weekend

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