Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Politics of Jesus 2008

In a little over a month the office I work for at the Convention is hosting a seminar in Durham, NC. We have titled it The Politics of Jesus: Timeless Answers for Today's Questions. I hope you will take just a minute of your time and visit the website. If the Lord leads you please consider coming to listen to this fantastic line up of speakers.
These men and the topics they are addressing are very timely considering the election that will follow in November. The seminar will not be partisan in any way but instead will seek to uncover what the Bible has to say on some of the leading issues of our day. With 50% of the marriages in this country ending in divorce how can we afford not to listen to Dr. Thornbury lecture on it's sacredness. Americans could potentially elect the first African American President in the country's history in November. Certainly a talk on racism in our churches is appropriate by Dr. Fentress. I have just highlighted two of what will be six brilliant lectures. I encourage you to visit the website and consider joining us. Plus it's free, your CP dollars at work folks!

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