Friday, October 17, 2008


I wanted to make you aware of a few articles and podcasts.

This past week the Council on Christian Life and Public Affairs concluded its two day seminar entitled The Politics of Jesus: Timeless Answers for Today's Questions. The podcasts from those lectures have now been uploaded to the website and are available for your listening pleasure. Simply go to Politics of Jesus 2008 and click on the link to "podcast" under the picture of the speaker or topic you would like to listen to.

Another podcast has recently been made available from Insight which features Marvin Olasky the editor of World Magazine (Leslie and I both enjoy this publication and subsequent website). During this Insight podcast, Olasky answers such questions as: Is America a Christian Nation?; The Use of the Bible in Political Speeches; The Origins of the Modern Welfare State?; Why Does Poverty exist?; Can Poverty Be Eliminated in Society? Should the Bible Shape Public Policy?; The National Economy and Its Future; The Future of Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare; Has Conservative Political Thought Changed?; What is Compassion? Is Wealth Sinful?

There are also a few articles which I would like to recommend. One is by Robert P. George a professor from Princeton who writes on the extremism of the position taken by Obama on the issue of abortion. If you are pressed for time you can read a summary of the article here or you can read the entire article here.
Another article I found interesting was written by Randy Alcorn. Alcorn is giving a critique of Donald Miller (wrote Blue Like Jazz) and his decision to endorse an abortion extremist candidate. I particularly enjoyed Alcorns introduction, his thoughts are very similar to my own but his articulation of those thoughts are far beyond my scribble. You can read the post here.

Lastly, I would also refer you to the sermon series recently concluded at the Summit Church on Why I'm Not a Christian. This whole series was excellent and if you know someone struggling with one of these difficult questions or maybe you are confused yourself, I would encourage you to give them a listen. They certainly helped Leslie and I think through some difficulties.

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