Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend Project

Thomas and I were blessed with a nice antique dining room table and set of chairs passed down from his family. The seats on the chairs were a little worse for wear in that they were like sitting on a donut. Not very comfortable. The fabric on them was nice but not exactly my taste. So I bought fabric a while back from good ole Mary Jo's in Gastonia. This weekend I finally got around to recovering them. It was a pretty easy process, I just took of the lining on the bottom, stuffed the hole in the seat with batting, stapled on some strips to keep it in and recovered the seat with the new fabric. Voila!

Chair Before

Chair After


Kristel said...

Looks good. :-) Nicely done.

Michelle (and Shannon) said...

I agree...nice job.

Michelle (and Shannon) said...

So...it's just me. I didn't see the "chair after" on the new chair and assumed that "chair before" was referring to the bottom one. So...my fault for the misunderstanding! They look great!