Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Kenyans on Obama Victory

Here is a first for our blog! We are proud to say that my Mom actually wrote an email. I thought it was so timely and interesting I'm posting it for all to read.

Kenya Update

You would not believe the celebrations going on in Kenya since Obama has been elected as president. Tomorrow has been made a National Holiday by the president of Kenya, "OBAMA Day" No one has to work and there is no school. Parties going on everywhere! Schedules are being rearranged to free people up to celebrate. The Kenyans I have talked to feel there problems are now over. This is so strange!! Some really feel like he is going to change the world!! You are speaking to yourself if you try to say other wise. I have never seen anything like it.

I'll be amazed if he can pull America out of its financial crisis much less have time to think about Kenya. But somehow they have it in their head that he is bringing "change" not only to America but Kenya as well.
If you want to read some more on the Obamamania going on in Kenya here is an article from the national newspaper. For those still interested here is an even more disturbing article regarding some of the practices of the "Pentecostals and pagans" in the hysteria building up to the Obama win.

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Youth Pastor Guy said...

This is interesting... I have added this to my blog to let those who actually read it hear your Mother's story.