Thursday, November 27, 2008


A few nights ago we were watching 60 Minutes and Andy Rooney did a bit on Thanksgiving that I thought was very good. You can watch it or read it here.

So, in the spirit of saving Thanksgiving from our materialistic culture here is a brief list of things that Leslie and I are thankful for.

Leslie's Thanksgiving list: (in no particular order),(as recounted to Thomas on the phone and then edited for his pleasure)
1)My job, 2)my husband (she actually said these in this order so to comfort myself I wrote the previous disclaimer about the order), 3)our house, 4)the fact that we are geographically close to family during this holiday season and able to spend time with them, 4)friends 5)our new awesomely comfortable bed 6)such gracious parents and 7)in-laws (Leslie recently had a class where family was the discussion and so many women in her class voiced such hardships with their in-laws. Hearing the other girls recount their conflict and struggle really helped Leslie to appreciate just how blessed she is in the in-law department, now if she could just fix that rascally husband she'd be set ;)

Thomas' Thanksgiving list:
1)The blood of Jesus which covers over me and prevents a just God from sentencing me to the fate I deserve. 2)my smokin' hot wife, 3)SEBTS, and the wonderful scholarship which enables me to go there, 4)Turkey!! (I'm excited, only 2 more hours until lunch), 5)my parents (I have met so many people this year who have told me how much my parents have impacted their life. The more I learn about Mom and Dad the more I am impressed with them and thankful for them), 6)I'm also thankful for my in-laws (that bed is bloody fantastic!), 7)I am thankful to attend such a great church and be apart of such a quality small group, 8)I am thankful for the people who pray for us, God bless you, have a happy Thanksgiving.

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