Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update November

This month has FLOWN by! As Thomas posted the BSCNC had their annual convention November 10-12 in Greensboro. The creative team was super busy leading up to it with tons of design jobs for people in our building. We not only redesigned the website but also designed many brochures, banners, booth graphics and signage for the event. I'm glad it's calmed down and not so crazy at work! Hooray for the holidays!

Our New Bed
A few weeks ago Mom and Dad brought Thomas and I our new bed from McGinnis Furniture in Cville. It's a queen size, complete with a new mattress. SO much room! It's so comfortable it's now even harder to get out of bed in the mornings. Thanks Mom and Dad!

On November 11 I flew to Atlanta and met our friend Catherine, who we taught with in Korea, to see the Coldplay concert at Phillips Arena. My gracious brother took the day off and was our personal taxi for the day. Thanks Brent! It was an amazing concert! We were sad when it was over...too short.
Coldplay ConcertThe following weekend, Thomas, Catherine and I rented a car and drove up to Washington, D.C. for a few days. The weather was nice and we were able to walk around and see the Washington and Lincoln monuments, the White House, Capitol building, Korean, WWII, and Vietnam memorials, Arlington Cemetery, Library of Congress, Supreme Court, the Natural History Museum and Modern Art Museums of the Smithsonian.
Thomas getting attacked
This week we took Catherine home for a real Southern American Thanksgiving. Tuesday night we met some friends from Cherryville for dinner at PF Changs and then spent the night with Natalie and had breakfast at the Original Pancake house. Yum!
Whitney, Natalie, Catherine, Me, Kristen, Summer

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