Monday, February 02, 2009

Great Article

On Friday night I went with guys from my small group to watch the movie Taken. The movie was good. It is basically about a girl who gets kidnapped while in Paris. Her father is a former spy who is determined to find her and bring her home. His daughter has been abducted by western European men who operate in the underground sex-trade. As the father hunts the men down in the search for his daughter he uncovers layer after layer of this industry. Due to the speed at which the bad guys move his daughter he is forced to leave many innocent girls behind. The movies' exposure of these layers of the sex-trade was for me, shocking.

After the movie was finished I was talking to Shannon (former Journeyman in Eastern Europe) and he said that while abductions do happen they are less common. The more regular practice is to take young orphaned girls, recently turned 18, who are no longer allowed to live in their orphanages. Once forced to leave the orphanage they are on the street and easy prey for sex-traffickers.

All that introduction leads me to say that when I read this article this morning, I found it very persuasive. My favorite quote was, "Krattenmaker proposed that by carrying the Sanctity of Life argument beyond the womb to include on-going efforts to thwart slavery and human trafficking, Christians engaged in this effort were in fact expanding the Pro Life agenda. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear the conversation expanding into to such a forward thinking space."

Here is the article to which the first refers.

Compassion First
International Justice Mission
Even Hollywood is getting involved to raise awareness of the problem: Call+Response

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