Wednesday, April 15, 2009


VBS Group

Made it back last night at 8:30pm. The past 12 days flew by and so much happened it's kind of hard to put into words, but I'll do my best. Thomas posted some of my earlier updates so I won't repeat those parts.

Renee with some of the kids

The week went really well with the kids. Renee's Sunday night group was an amazing group of young people. Their dedication to the Lord was really encouraging to see. The most popular crafts were decorating a picture frame and having their picture taken and printed.

Dismus with his frame

I took my small photo printer so they all got to watch their pictures being printed. It was fun to see the kids come into craft time having learned their verse for the day. We started each day with singing and chapel time where the story of the day was told. We covered Creation, The Fall, The Woman at the Well, The Dying Thief and the Resurrection. They heard the full Gospel presentation both in English and Swahili and we had one girl, Hannah, accept Christ. Many seeds were planted in the lives of these kids, ranging in age from 7 to 22. They had lunch as the monastery each day where the vbs was held and we sent them home with bags of rice, beans and corn. They also received a t-shirt that had the word VINE on it along with our theme verse John 15:8. Most of the children that came live in the Tigoni tea field nearby and we started noticing that quite a few of them had shoes with holes in them. This opened up the opportunity for us to bless them all with a new pair of Bata shoes. The man from the shop even came to us and measured all the kids' feet! The last day was wrapped up with lots of singing and dancing and a review of all the weeks' stories. It was sad to see the week end, but we know that their lives will be changed forever and that this is a week they'll never forget.


Kelvin, Betsy, Krista, Robin, Ruth, Rose Marie, Lydia, Frances, Faith, Gabe, Margaret, Me, Maureen, Renee

Friday night Renee had the volunteers and her Sunday night group over for a cook out. We had Shalimar (Indian) grilled chicken, salad, potatoes, mangoes and pineapple. So good! Then we got up the next morning early and headed over to the Wilson airport in Nairobi.

Me boarding our plane

Me and Renee

Our Tent

Lions in the Maasai Mara


Water Buck

Jackson with some remains

We took a small 12 seater plane out to the Maasai Mara game park for a 3 day safari. We stayed at Ilkileani tented camp. We saw tons of animals: elephants, giraffes, wart hogs, cape buffalo, babboons, hippos, elon, topie, water buck, fox, hyena, crowned crane, vultures, a fox, lions! It was nice to have some down time after a busy 5 days with 50 kids. We were all able to relax, get some sleep, enjoy the scenery and eat good food. Monday we flew back to Nairobi and freshened up at the Baptist guest house. Then it was back to the airport to fly out to Brussels at 10pm. I had a connection in Chicago then was back in Wake Forest on Tuesday night.

It was sad saying goodbye to David and Renee. She has such a sweet spirit that after she's gone, it feels like there's something missing. I feel so fortunate to have the best in-laws anyone could ask for. Even though the week and a half flew by it was an awesome time and an amazing blessing, not only for the kids involved both spiritually and physically, but for everyone else involved in the process. Thanks to everyone who bathed us all in prayer leading up to and during the week. I praise God for the mere opportunity to make His name known to the ends of the Earth. I pray this trip encourages other members of FBC Cherryville to get on board with the Great Commission and that He sets them on fire for the nations.

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