Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Leslie Update #1

Leslie is in Kenya helping mom and a group of women from FBC Cherryville do a VBS. Her flights to Nairobi ended up being quite eventful. To make a long story short she had to make two stops that were not planned. One in Switzerland of all places. Anyway. They lost her luggage of course. So that is where her story picks up:

Hey!! The luggage came last night!! Everything was in it, we were all SO happy! Paul and Kari met us at Brakenhurst for dinner and then came back and spent the night with us. Paul, David and Zeb woke up at 4am to watch Carolina play in the Final Four. So, the airport luggage people said that my suitcase was on the manifest for a flight that came in on Sunday night at 9:30pm and told us they would deliver it by 11am yesterday (Monday) but we kept waiting and waiting and calling. It was never on the truck for delivery, then David talked to them at 10pm and they were on their way out to our area with it. Such a relief to get the crafts for the kids! We were beginning to run out of options for things to do.

Yesterday went really well. Kelvin, one of the guys that Renee disciples, told the first story in chapel about Creation. He did a fantastic job. Very animated and funny, the kids loved it and we were all very entertained too. It was impressive. All the sections went very smoothly and the kids seemed to have a good time. I think most of them were successful in learning the creation story and their verse for the day, Gen. 1:1. Our craft was the rubber bracelets. It was a little time consuming when there were about 14 kids in one group, but my time in Korea doing crafts came in handy for experience! It was so much fun. I can’t wait to get pictures tomorrow of all the kids wearing them.

We finished up with the kids around 12 and had lunch at 12:30 at the monastary. We had lentils with curry, rice, chippatis and cabbage. It was all very delicious. The other ladies seem to be ok there. I feel so spoiled that I get to stay in the house with Renee! After lunch the younger kids went home with some food that we bought for them, bags of rice, beans and corn. The older kids stayed and did some more stuff.

Renee, me, Betsy, Krista and Faith all left the group and went to a baby home that Renee volunteers at called In His Image. There were two little boys there around 1 and 1 1/2 and a toddler. They were all so cute! The little ones were just learning to use their legs and walk. They were very happy and loving. Then Renee, Krista and I met up with a lady named Teznia from South Africa. She’s about 25 and her husband runs ACTS safari company who has planned our safari. She lives next to the baby home and also volunteers there. We all got in the car with her and a Kenyan pastor named Alex and rode into a town close by to a hospital. That was surely an eye opening experience. So far from a hospital in the States...dirty floors, charts written up on the walls in marker going back three years, detailing the number of births, c-sections, maternal and baby deaths.

We were there to meet with a social worker about two abandoned babies. Renee and Teznia will possibly become their guardians so that they can be brought to the baby home. They wanted to go see the babies and do an assessment to see if they seemed to have special needs, because they won’t tell you that over the phone. Or they’ll just lie and tell you they don’t to get you to come anyways. They’ll also have to be tested for AIDS, they can not come to the baby home because they don’t have the staff/man power to take on that sort of thing. Krista came along because she has special knowledge about the special needs kids having adopted 3 herself. The babies were adorable and so tiny, only a few weeks old. We also saw a few others that were only a few days old. The conditions of that baby room were really sad. Looks like they may be able to bring them home on Wednesday and get them out of there! Then hopefully they can be adopted by good families and shown some love and attention.

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