Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Leslie Update #2

Today was lots of fun. Kelvin storied again, this time it was on the Fall of man and Cain and Abel. He missed a few key points that the other kids in the disciple group caught on to though. Renee could see that they were talking about it and had them come to the front to go over the key points and clarify what had been left out. It was basically that when Adam and Eve sinned and were ashamed of their nakedness that God killed an animal to make their clothes and clothed them himself and that there has to be shedding of blood for forgiveness of sins. They got it cleared up though and kids even raised their hands and asked questions. Your mom even spoke and presented the Gospel.

The music performed by the older group of kids was great. It was a song that your mom’s group had written that corresponded to our key verse of the week about the vine and the branches, John 15:8, which is the verse on the shirts we had made for them. Our craft for today was the spray paint tie dye. They turned out pretty well, I think they had fun doing it, but the shirts were too dark of colors so it was hard to see the paint on some of them.

I was able to go back to the baby home today and see those kids again. So cute. I got a few pictures. Gave Margret's daughter Lydia a ride home, she works at the baby home. Tomorrow I hope to hang out with Renee’s disciple kids more. They seem really cool so I hate I haven’t had more time with them. I’m just in a different situation being in the craft room where the other “leaders” are with the same kids all day. I’m really enjoying it all though. Tomorrow we’re doing the picture frames.

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