Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Atlanta Aquarium

After a long, tiring yet still enjoyable experience at the Jim Jil Bang we spent most of Saturday in the world's largest aquarium. They have every sort of fish imaginable to non marine biologist like myself. The main attractions are the whale sharks, a manta ray and three beluga whales. The main tank holds more than 6 million gallons of salt water. In the petting pool a baby sting ray tried to jump up and kiss Leslie, you can hardly blame it. She freaked out, screamed and ran away. I had a good laugh. The whole place is pretty incredible. We walked past the Coke Factory to get to the aquarium so here are some pictures of both.

Leslie and the Coke man

The Coke Factory

A Beluga Whale


Thomas and Tuna

Jelly Fish

Whale Shark

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Kristel said...

Cool! I wanna go there too. :-)