Friday, May 15, 2009

Johnny Hunt Podcast

I have written on this before but it never hurts to retell one's testimony.

In 1999 when I finally graduated from the legalistic, cage (seriously it's all fenced in with barbed wire and everything) that was Rift Valley Academy, I screamed "FREEDOM!!" like I was William Wallace. And for the next 3 years or so I took that "freedom" to do what I wanted to the extreme. To be honest it was not true freedom. What I thought was freedom was more like slavery. I was a slave to the sin I was involved in.

Then one Sunday night at FBC Woodstock, Johnny Hunt preached a sermon and prayed a prayer that God used to draw me back to Himself. I still remember pastor Hunt kneeling on the steps to the platform and praying, "God if you don't come down and do Your work this is going to be just another average Sunday night. Come and meet with us dear Jesus. Use your Word to change us tonight." He then proceeded to preach a sermon and God answered each of those requests. Johnny Hunt is a dear and precious man, I am thankful to God for his life and ministry. If pastor Hunt has a motto, it is this short prayer, "Lord, keep me close and keep me clean." What a great little prayer, I have adopted it as my own.

Johnny Hunt is now the President of the Southern Baptist Convention as well as pastor of FBC Woodstock. He has partnered together with Dr. Danny Akin, of SEBTS, to bring about a Great Commission Resurgence within our network of churches. Their vision is bold and broad in its scope. For the sake of making Jesus famous to the nations they are proposing that the SBC take a good hard look at itself and see if things could not be done more effectively and more efficiently. FBC Woodstock is a Great Commission church, they send out numerous workers into the mission field and have planted a number of churches here in the States. I don't know of anyone better to lead this initiative than pastor Hunt.

Recently Doug was able to sit down with Johnny Hunt and ask him some specific questions about the Great Commission Resurgence. If you are a Southern Baptist this is an interview that will interest you. Find it here.
If you would like to read the Great Commission Resurgence document you can find it here. If you find yourself in agreement with the statement feel free to sign it. You will notice that Dad and myself are signed on.

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