Friday, May 08, 2009

Jun's Wedding

We have already written about two fun events from this past weekend in Atlanta (see the Sauna and Aquarium posts below). Now we come to the reason we were in the dirty south to begin of my oldest buddies and best friends, Jun, got married. Around 10 of my high school classmates from Rift Valley Academy were there. It was so great to see them. These are the people I grew up with and lived with through 6 years of jr high and high school, still to this day I relate to my RVA friends better than anyone. Jun and I have an extra special bond because we were roommates together for two years of High School and our freshmen year at Mercer University. I love this kid. He has been a true friend over the years. It was great to see him marry Esther.

The ceremony was done in Korean but they provided translation devices for us. Yo Sup and Azi were the groomsmen. After the wedding there was a large reception with huge amounts of Korean food. I gobbled down as much kimchi, kimbap, and noodles as I could get my hands on. Then we went back outside to watch Jun and Esther do the different bowing ceremonies. In Korea it is uber important to show respect to your elders. So they have a tradition where the bride and groom, dressed in traditional Korean attire, bow to the different individuals or couples who have played a part in raising them. It was pretty cool to watch and we made a short video of part of that ceremony. You can watch it under the video link on the right hand side of your screen. Here are some pics of the bride and groom and the RVA people who attended.

Jun and Esther

RVA people before the wedding. We were early the rest of the people filled the place up later on.

The Ahns

The groomsmen Azi and Yo Sup

Azi and I with Mr. Ahn. He called us "my sons"

All the RVA people with the groom in his traditional dress.

The Cranes and the Ahns

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