Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Korean Sauna

Jeju Sauna in Atlanta

Last weekend Thomas and I traveled to Atlanta for his friend Jun's wedding. Friday night we met him and some other friends from RVA (Thomas' African boarding school) for a night of games at Dave and Busters. We were having lots of fun until a storm caused the power to go off and reset all the games. They were out of commission and took a long time restarting so our energy levels began to wane quickly so we decided to move on to our "second place" as they say in Korea. This place would be where we'd spend the night, Jeju Sauna, the traditional Korean jim jil bang. There were 4 guys and 4 girls. When you go to the front desk to check in they give everyone a set of pajamas, pink (of course!) for girls and brown for guys. We then are seperated into guys and girls and go to our respective locker rooms. You're then expected to strip down and proceed to the showers. So here I am, miss country NC stripping down with 3 girls who grew up in Africa. I have to say, I think I fared pretty well!

Hot Tub

We showered, got in the bubbling hot tub, the non-bubbling hot tub, the cool pool, the steam room, laid on the slab of marble underneath the infra-red lights and showered again using the rough Korean scrubby washcloth. Then it was back to the locker room to put on the awesome pink elastic waist shorts and matching t-shirts and out to the common area to meet the guys.

Common Area Where We Slept

It was a large open room with lots of other rooms spread throughout. The other rooms were either super hot or cold. We all gathered into the cold room, which wasn't actually that cold since the air con wasn't working properly and decided we'd try to sleep there. They have stacks of mats, blankets and "pillows." I use the term lightly because it was actually a brick of foam covered in plastic. So here we are all 7 of us squeezed in this small room with our mats and blankets trying to go to sleep at 2:30am and Jun starts sawing logs...right at mine and Thomas's head. So he and I pick all our stuff up and cart it to the open area and sleep out there with all the other people. I'm sure we were a sight! Needless to say I had a rough night of about 5 hrs. of sleep complete with tossing and turning and limbs that kept falling asleep. Quite the cultural experience. It was super nice inside though, if you're ever up for an adventure I urge you to check it out, it's cheaper than a hotel for spending the night at a cost of only $25.

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Kristel said...

This seems so fun!! I would totally wanna try it out.