Monday, June 01, 2009

Religion vs The Gospel (pt. 2)

I listen to A LOT of sermons. It's borderline nerdy even in my book, so most likely, if you are anywhere near the "cool side" of the spectrum you would straight up lump me in nerdville. Whatever...I'm not seeking your approval anyway. I go to chapel at least 20 times per semester here at SEBTS and most of them are really good. Outside of chapel Leslie and I have a great pastor in J.D. Greear. In addition to chapel and church I like to listen to podcasts when I am in the car. Some of the guys I'm listening to right now include Matt Chandler, Mark Driscoll, David Platt and of course John Piper.

A common sermon topic I have been hearing from some different pulpits over the last year is the idea of Religion vs. the Gospel. Each time I have listened to a preacher comment on how religion chokes out the Gospel and how often we get it wrong in the church, I have felt myself confronted and guilty. It is so easy to fall into "religion" but during the life and ministry of Jesus, He saved His harshest rebukes and insults for the Scribes and Pharisees who were the religious ones of the day. It is so easy to see this conflict in others from the past but we rarely to never see it in ourselves. These preachers have all done an excellent job, each in their own way, of helping me to see how religion has crept into the church here in America and all too often into my own heart as well. Since these messages have been having such a big impact on me I thought you might like to listen to some of them. These links take you directly to the sermon audio files, you can also find them on iTunes if you prefer to download them and take them with you.

Matt Chandler. The Village Church. 8/31/08. The Great Gospel.

Mark Driscoll. SEBTS Chapel. 2/5/09. 9 Distinctions Between the Gospel and Religion.

Hollie Miller. SEBTS Chapel. 4/2/09. 7 Differences Between Cultural Christianity and Biblical Christianity.

J.D. Greear. Summit Church. 5/31/09. Unexpected Opinion.

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