Friday, July 31, 2009

Twittering the Gospel

A few months ago 9 Marks hosted a fun challenge to see who could present the Gospel best on Twitter. The challenge is that Twitter has a 140 character limit. Well a ton of people responded to the 9 Marks blog and gave a shot. It is quite fun to read through them all.
Dr. Akin took up the challenge in his message at the SBC Annual Meeting, it's good. Here it is:

"The Gospel is the good news that king Jesus died and paid the full penalty of sin. He rose from the dead and saved all who repent of sin and trust Him."

Pretty good. He also added this little gem.

"The person who has Jesus + nothing actually has everything.
The person who has everything - Jesus they have nothing. This is the Gospel."

This past Easter I attended church at First Presbyterian in Columbia, SC. Sinclair Ferguson is the pastor there and he asked this question in his sermon: "Can you put the Gospel on a 3x5 card?"

So many churches in America have replaced the gospel with religion. I love the efforts and the challenges of 9 Marks, Dr. Akin and Sinclair Ferguson to put an emphasis on the Gospel.

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