Saturday, February 06, 2010

Crafty 2

I've really been obsessed with organizing my Google Reader and keeping up with quite a few, very fun craft blogs. One thing that I keep reading is people talking about doing Photoshop tutorials on TTV photos (through the viewfinder). That technique is where you shoot a photograph through the viewfinder of another camera to take on it's grungy effect. Well you can achieve the same look using different textures and the help of Photoshop. Here's one I did just for fun. It's a yummy yet mildly disgusting looking cheeseburger from the great Gaston County staple of RO's barbeque. Yummy. :) The textures are located for free on flickr here and the tutorial on how to do fake it is here. Now I'm really wanting a cheeseburger.

I've gotten a lot more done on the blanket also! Here's sort of how it will be laid out. I still have about 50 more medium and tiny squares to do along with 4 really big squares. It's going to end up being big enough to cover the top of a double size bed. Big! Needless to say, I doubt baby Crane's going to be carrying it around the house as his own. I've added some new colors since the first post, a dark blue, bright red and charcoal gray. It's going to take a while to stitch all the pieces together when I finally get done with all the squares, but it'll be worth it!

People have asked about the nursery and what we're doing with it. I guess I'm kind of using this blanket as an inspiration for my color palette. I'm not a big fan of pastels so I really didn't want to go that route. I'd like to keep it sort of modern and fresh and not do the whole juvenile theme thing either. Although I really do like safari animals like elephants, monkeys, giraffes, etc. since Thomas grew up in Kenya. It's lots of fun looking at Ohdeedoh by Apartment Therapy to get ideas on how to do some creative things yourself.

These are just a few of the images from Ohdeedoh that I really like as inspiration. I'm excited about putting it all together eventually.

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